Financial Technology

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Cloud-Based Financial Platforms

At State Street, we helped development teams transition from legacy enterprise systems to modern, virtual machine-based platforms. We provided training and developed applications with React/Java Spring and MERN Tech Stacks.

We also designed microservices to streamline payment accounting processes. We leveraged UI's like D3.js to create visualizations to simplify the understanding of intricate fund allocation structures.

Our comprehensive services encompassed investor portals, fund accounting systems, interactive dashboards, detailed financial reports, performance metrics, and automated document generation.

Additionally, we managed a global team to develop and operate a market data platform that utilized a multi-terabyte Presto database hosted on Amazon S3 Object Stores.

MyStateStreet.com Data APIs
Cloud Microservices
Dashboards, Reporting and Analysis
Private Equity Data Warehouse
Debit Cards graphic
Debit Card Processing

Online Debit Card Websites

We partnered with various debit card processors to build several affiliate websites. The web applications enabled customers to access their financial account information, balances, money transfers, and card activity online.

We also handled back office accounting, reporting, and customer service.

Online Financial Web Apps
Security & Privacy
Web Hosting & Database Design
Customer Service