Online 3D Interior Room Designer

3D Interior Design

Online Interactive 3-Dimensional Room Designer

For this project, Core Software Design partnered with an internet startup company to develop a web-based 3D interior design application. Scroll down for media samples and sample rooms.

  • Microsoft Stack (Windows/IIS/COM+/ASP/SQL Server) was selected to facilitate rapid development.
  • OpenGL was selected for low-level 3D rendering. All rendering is performed on the server.
  • A high-level room and furniture rendering engine was written in C/C++.
  • ADODB/SQL Server/Jet databases were used for managing the item catalog and tracking user state.
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max was used to design, optimize and process the 3D object catalog.
  • COM+ components, written in Visual Basic, were created for middle-tier business logic and web server integration.
  • The main site was based on Active Server Pages (ASP). JavaScript was used for both client and server-side scripting.
  • Dynamic client-side web components were implemented via Java Applets.
3D Interior Design

3D Room Designs

3D Interior Design

City of Life - GWT/Three.js/OpenGL

We created a 3D visualization of Conway’s Game of Life to test different 3D frameworks for a client project. The Game of Life is based on “cellular automaton”, objects that can create complex and interesting behaviors from simple rules.

The rules are:

  • A building disappears if it has less than two or more than three neighbors.
  • A new building appears if an empty lot has exactly three neighbors.

We simulate a virtual city of 18 by 15 city blocks. Each block holds a skyscraper modeled after the John Hancock Building in Boston, MA. Buildings grow one story each cycle. Colors show the generations.

Note: this is a 3D rendering application, not a video. It runs in the web browser. The code is writen in Java and uses the Parallax 3D library. It is converted to Javascript with Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Portions of the source code are courtesy of Jesse Vogel.

Hint: run it full screen (F11/Control + Command + F) on a large display for the best effect. It may take a few seconds to start. Press Back to exit.